LATTIZ Milk Foam Machine


The Lattiz® machine has a compact, robust design that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. Making it ideally suited to your foodservice space. And talking of space, this machine takes up very little room. It accommodates both cups and jugs. But even more important to you than the design, of course, is the performance.

We’ve developed a machine that delivers constant barista-quality milk froth with the simple touch of a button. Whether it’s being operated by a real barista or your latest Saturday help. With a speed of 6 cappuccinos per minute, the machine can also cope with even the busiest periods. Plus there’s none of that hassle with cleaning.


  • Perfect foamed milk for all milk based drinks
  • Simple push button selection
  • Free vend
  • Jug Facility
  • 4L Bag-in-box (140 cappuccinos / 90 latte macchiatos)
  • Compact
  • Fast – up to 6 drinks per minute
  • Energy efficient
  • Less milk and packaging waste
  • No cleaning required
  • 6 direct milk drink sizes
  • Adjustable dispense head height
  • Well considered design that fits any interior
  • Constant barista quality at the touch of a button
  • No contact between milk, man and machine
  • 5-6 servings per minute
  • Low energy (A++) consumption
  • Milk can be kept uncooled in the machine for 7 days after opening

Width 195 mm, Height 586 mm, Depth 520 mm

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