Is there anything more perfect than starting and ending your day with a decent coffee? It’s what sparks your energy levels in the morning and calms you down after a rough day.

If you’re an avid coffee lover then you know the importance of having a quality coffee machine. It can take the effort out of brewing so you can simply enjoy the taste and aroma. But which machine of the hundreds out there should you spend your money on?

Let us help you choose!

Types of Coffee Machines

Firstly, let’s get up-to-date on the amazing commercial coffee machines available. The lucrative coffee market has produced some impressive brewing machines over the years:

  • Espresso machines requiring you to manually grind beans and you can make other drinks such as cappuccinos
  • Filter coffee machines that use ground coffee
  • Bean-to-cup machines that grind coffee on your behalf
  • Pod machines in which you place capsules (pods) containing coffee

Which coffee source do you prefer? That could be the first way of narrowing down your options. Furthermore, these tips will help you discover the perfect option.

Choosing Coffee Machines

Consider Your Budget

If your budget is limited you can still get high end machines if you’re willing to make compromises. You can purchase lower end beans so you can cut back on monthly costs, but if you’re particular about your coffee beans you’ll have to settle for fewer features. Perhaps a cup warmer isn’t high on your priority list?

What are Your Coffee Preferences?

Do you love the many coffee options you get from using pods or do you have a specific coffee bean you drink every day?

Who are You Making Coffee for?

If your coffee maker doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle, it won’t get used. You can pick a single cup coffee maker that will brew the perfect cup each morning. But if your entire family—or office—wants some too, it’s best to pick one with a large reservoir and brewing capacity so everyone can join in.

How Much Space do You Have?

Don’t go too big if you have limited space. A coffee machine’s position is as important as its features. Who wants to take the machine out of a cupboard each time you’re in the mood for a cup?

Here’s what you need:

  • An allocated space
  • Enough clearance on top and on the sides to easily fill it with water or coffee
  • Space around it to place cups

So measure your counter and look for a machine with appropriate dimensions.

The Tech Side of Coffee Making

How technically minded are you? Many modern appliances only cause frustration because they’re simply too complicated to figure out.

Decide if you want:

  • A simple brewing process activated by the touch of a button
  • Technical assistance to customise each brew so you can discover how to make the perfect cup of coffee

The latter requires time and effort. Modern machines can have many options that help you, but they’ll be cumbersome to the average coffee lover.

What Features Matter to You?

This brings us to the many features you must consider. These can enhance your brewing or you may feel they’re superfluous. Make a list of what’s important to you so you know what you’re after when vetting machines:

  • Timers: Do you want a cup waiting for you each morning when you wake up?
  • Heating plates and temperature regulation: Do you prefer your coffee super hot?
  • Steaming and frothing: If you enjoy something other than espresso or filter coffee you’ll find these features quite valuable
  • Shut off: If you know you tend to leave appliances on you may require this safety feature

If you remember one thing today, it should be about your coffee maker fitting in with your lifestyle. If the speed, size or coffee type doesn’t appeal to you, it may not get much use and it may turn into a waste of money. Pick one that you know will enhance all your mornings and evenings from now on.