Commercial Coffee Grinders

Commercial Coffee Grinders

Purchasing a coffee grinder should be something considered by every true lover of the drink. It is said that once you’ve had a proper cup of coffee, you’ll never go back to instant. An important part of the drink is its flavour and scent.

Vacuum sealed packs of coffee granules quickly lose their flavour after the pack is open. One way to avoid this is by buying coffee beans whole. The whole bean holds onto the flavour much longer than one ground up. Grinding your own beans before you make a cup of coffee is the best way to maximise the shelf life of your coffee. It also enables you to choose how finely ground the coffee is, depending on the type of coffee you like to drink.

A commercial coffee grinder will ensure that the coffee beans are ground evenly. The larger the granule, the longer its brewing time, so this can drastically affect the flavour and consistency of your coffee. The taste will be stronger the more finely ground the coffee is. The brewing time will be longer (and gentler) the more coarsely ground it is.

If you have a commercial coffee machine, we recommend adding a coffee grinder, for the best tasting coffee.  We offer a series of different Gaggia professional coffee grinders that allow you to choose the one best suited for your personal tastes. Traditionalists will enjoy a manual grinder, it requires a bit of muscle work but it is also silent and the work required gives a feeling of accomplishment.

Those focused on other tasks or in a rush, can rely on blade grinders or burr grinders. The former is like a food processor, it uses a spinning blade to grind the coffee beans. They’re small and compact but can take some time to use properly. By contrast, a burr grinder works like a pepper mill and can be more precisely controlled. However, this means that is also larger and noisier than the alternatives.