Professional Gaggia Coffee Machines Ireland

Those looking for a professional coffee machine should consider investing in a Gaggia. Gaggia coffee machines come from a historic firm established in the market. Their founder is credited with inventing the first modern steamless coffee machine back in 1938.

Gaggia manufactures a variety of coffee machines, both automatic and manual. Gaggia coffee machines come in a variety of styles and designs. They also offer a selection of specialised machines orientated towards cappuccino or espresso drinkers.

The original Gaggia coffee machines began in 1930s Milan at the cafe of Achille Gaggia. Driven by the need to create a coffee that was less bitter, Gaggia invented the first modern espresso machine. Gaggia became a household name from the 1950s onward as they became popular worldwide.

Purchasing one of our Gaggia coffee machines guarantees you both an efficient product and one with style and elegance. These Italian coffee machines are built not only for function but also form. Gaggia remains a recognised brand name more than eighty years on from the filing of their first patent.

Gaggia coffee machines are reliable and come with low running costs which makes them ideal for commercial settings such as cafes, bars, or restaurants. Larger models are capable of handling several orders at once, ensuring that there’s no backlog at peak business times.

Those looking for a smaller model can also find them here. We stock a range of personal units that are more suitable for home or office use. These personal Gaggia coffee machines bring a little taste of Italia right to you, matching the standard that you would be served in a restaurant or cafe.

Both commercial and personal use Gaggia coffee machines come with a sales guarantee. We can also lend our expertise to assisting you in making the correct machine choice for your home or business.