Ground & Filtered

Ground and Filtered Coffee


All our ground and filtered coffees are created with
a careful selection of the best coffee beans

Enjoy better coffee!





Marcafe give all their attention and care in the selection of the best raw Arabica coffee beans derived exclusively from certified IMO and Naturland* plantations to guarantee the authenticity of a product of high quality and excellence.

The exceptional quality and absolute refinement of the blend offers a tidy and sweet taste and it enhances the organoleptic properties of Arabica beans with low caffeine content. On the palate the Bio Aroma 100% Arabica is light and sweet, gently flavoured. Its pale colour and delicate fragrance invites another sip to further enjoy the full flavour of the blend.




A blend marked by light and dark streaks, defined by a consistent and intense body.

Coffee Bar has a great taste and excellent performance in the cup.Its strong and robust flavour is softened by delicate and sweet marks that make this blend a pleasant and much appreciated espresso. Blended to match international tastes, Coffee Bar is a great coffee that can comfortably be enjoyed at home, in the company of friends or by one-self during relaxing moments.




Coffee experts and connoisseurs have selected the blend Oro to be a true representative of the flavour of the Robusta bean.

The strong taste is fully enhanced in the cup, every sip gives all the pleasure of the fullness of Robusta and its confident and insightful tones. A dry and energetic flavour encourages tasting and drives you to savour the full power of this fine blend.




The blend Crema Bar Marcafe represents the top of the Marcafe Vacuum Line.

The blend Crema Bar is dedicated to those who want to enjoy the espresso cup with the fullness of a freshly filtered coffee and those who like to be exhilarated by a full and enchanting aroma. Fully revealed in the cup, where it gives off all its intensity and all the strength of its fragrance.The taste of Crema Bar will not disappoint, encouraging you onwards to new and continuous sips.




Designed for those who want to enjoy the coffee without the caffeine. Marcafe gives you all the flavour of an intense and caffeine-free blend.

The beans are decaffeinated using a water method,which means that the beans remain intact after the process. The combination of an in-depth knowledge of the roasting process and impeccable grinding gives to this coffee a strong and decisive aroma but still remains light and with balanced connotations.




All the delicate and enchanting taste of the best carefully selected Arabica beans emanate at every appreciative tasting of Arabesque coffee.

Each coffee bean is able to release an intense and sophisticated aroma, fully enhanced in the cup thanks to the fine combination of scents, colours and the unmistakable taste. Arabesque is a low caffeine blend, loved by true connoisseurs and lovers of coffee, but it is also appreciated by those who love the real Italian espresso.




Created with a careful selection of the best blends of colombian and brazilian Arabica beans, Perla Nera Special calls to mind the atmospheres of the South American territories mixed with the notes and the unmistakable tones of the Italian style.

The combination of the excellent Arabica beans, the culture, the Italian coffee passion and care in the roasting process, blends as one to inspire with its sweet aroma, enchants with the fullness of its texture on the palate and relaxes with the softness of the flavour. In the cup Perla Nera Special emphasises all the qualities of a coffee blended to a fine art and to charm every palate.A blend that enchants at first taste and invites you to repeat the sequence of sips in a slow and relaxed way to enjoy the full flavour of Brazilian arabica beans.



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An elegant and balanced blend combining body and freshness, richness of flavour and refinement. Each origin of coffee bean is roasted separately and by using a forced cool air process, the resulting coffee is over time both stable and uniformly delicious.

Blended ground coffee made from selected origins, mainly Central America, with a high percentage of selected washed Arabicas with aromas reminiscent of cocoa, vanilla, biscuit, toast, dried fruit and honey. The taste is pleasantly fresh and lively, never tarty.

Also available in Decaffeinated natural ground