Fresh Coffee Beans


B2B Coffee is delighted to have teamed up with both Jolly Caffe and Marcafe, two of the very best Italian artisan coffee roasters, to bring that wonderful Italian taste directly to your office.


Office staff throughout Ireland can now enjoy coffee of great distinction resulting from a combination of sourcing the finest green beans, years of research & experience and finally expert roasting and packaging.

Jolly Caffe Crema - Coffee Beans - B2B Coffee - Ireland

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Jolly Caffe Crema was the first blend to bear the prestigious mark of "Certified Italian Espresso" in compliance with INEI* regulations. 

Jolly Caffe Crema is an elegant and balanced blend combining both body and freshness with a richness of flavour. Each origin of coffee bean is roasted separately and by using a forced cool air process, the resulting coffee is over time both stable and uniformly delicious. Jolly Caffe Crema has a creamy hazel-brown colour with bright highlights, smooth, mellow and appealing, fine textured, firm and with a remarkably long lasting aftertaste.


Marcafe Opera Prima - Coffee Beans - B2B Coffee - Ireland

 Marcafe - Coffee Beans - B2B Coffee - Ireland

Designed to please the most discerning of palates, Opera Prima is the supreme expression of the Marcafe range of coffees. The refined blend of Indian Arabica meets the Italian know-how of skillful blending and craftsmanship to create a true coffee masterpiece.

In the cup Opera Prima shows a decisive hazel colour. The texture is soft and velvety on the palate and the aroma is elegant and refined. The selection of the best beans combined with excellent roasting, makes Opera Prima a deep and delicate blend that gives a classic touch to the eye of those who love art, design and fascinating colours.




Created with a careful selection of the best blends of Colombian and Brazilian Arabica beans. Perla Nera Special calls to mind the atmospheres of the South American territories mixed with the notes and the unmistakable tones of the Italian style.

The combination of the excellent Arabica beans, the culture, the Italian coffee passion and care in the roasting process, blends as one to inspire with its sweet aroma, enchants with the fullness of its texture on the palate and relaxes with the softness of the flavour. In the cup Perla Nera Special emphasises all the qualities of a coffee blended to a fine art and to charm every palate.


Tuscan Smooth Roasted Jolly Cafe - Coffee Beans - B2B Coffee - Ireland

Jolly Cafe - Coffee Beans - B2B Coffee - Ireland

 A full-bodied and engaging blend, characterised by a distinct aroma of cocoa. Each origin of coffee bean is roasted separately and by using a forced cool air process, the resulting coffee is over time both stable and uniformly delicious.

The sensory profile is full-bodied and enveloping. It is a blend made from selected origins with a balance between natural and washed Arabica beans. It has a highly intense aroma, evoking the fragrance of the roasting, cocoa and spices. The after taste is rich and aromatic reminiscent of toast, cocoa, nuts and spices.


Crema Bar Super Marcafe - Coffee Beans - B2B Coffee - Ireland


Exclusively created to appeal to international coffee tastes. It is a full-bodied coffee and thanks to its full aroma and long persistence Crema Bar Super also meets the needs of those of an Italian background.
Thanks to the blend of precious coffee beans the taste is intense and rich, with the stringent aromas that are better enhanced in the cup. As you taste, it remains a unique and determined taste that lingers enjoyably and fragrantly for long moments. Since Crema Bar Super first came to the market it has become much appreciated due to the combination of careful coffee selection, the flawless roasting and excellent packaging.


Crema Bar Marcafe - Coffee Beans - B2B Coffee Ireland

Marcafe - Coffee Beans - B2B Coffee Ireland

Crema Bar is a wonderful example of the real Italian espresso and can fully satisfy the needs of coffee lovers.

This blend was created exclusively for international coffee tastes and is appreciated by all palates who love an enchanting taste and the full-bodied and creamy espresso in the cup. Its flavour is emphasised by the rich hazel streaks that stand out at with the first look into the cup. From the first sip, Crema Bar is full-bodied, tasty and compact.