Milk Fridges


Do all coffee machines require a milk fridge or cooling unit?

No, this equipment is recommended only for machines that work with fresh milk. Other options use powder or granulated milk.

Why do I need a milk fridge beside the coffee machine?

It is crucial to preserve the liquid at optimal temperature, guaranteeing the quality and taste of the drink. The fridge prevents the milk from going sour, which spoils the beverage and can cause blockages in the coffee machine.

Does the coffee machine work without the milk fridge?

Yes. However, the milk will have to be preserved, so you may need to remove and replace the cartoon for each use.

Are they included in the coffee machine price?

No, we price them separately. It depends on the model you choose and the best compatibility with the machine. The best way to find out what is right is to talk to our advisor. We offer a comprehensive quote based on your business need.

How does it connect to the coffee machine?

The units we sell contain all the connections necessary to function correctly and tidily. When you press the desired selection, the coffee machine sucks the milk through a rubber tube and uses it to prepare the drink.

Does the milk fridge take up a lot of space?

No, they are generally small and lightweight.

Milk fridges are handy storage units placed beside professional coffee machines to preserve the temperature and quality of fresh milk. It improves the taste and quality of the drink while optimising the coffee machine’s functionality.