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B2B Coffee employs a team specialised in finding the best commercial coffee machine for your business.

We offer a range of office coffee machines like filter or capsule coffee machines, traditional barista, commercial instant coffee machines, and bean to cup coffee machines to fit the coffee requirements of small offices up to the hospitality sector. You can buy a coffee machine or avail of our rental and lease plans. We provide our own on-site technicians to ensure the smooth running of coffee machines.

The FAQ below offers you more information, and we will be delighted to provide you with a free consultation.


What are the types of our commercial coffee machines?

Office Bean to Cup Coffee Machine: The complete drink preparation is done automatically at the touch of a button, from the bean until it is ready in your cup. When you select your choice, the device grinds the coffee beans, so you get maximum freshness. It can serve milk-based drinks.

Commercial Espresso machine: A trained barista partially controls the preparation method. The equipment has adjustable temperature and pressure settings to make the perfect espresso. The Horeca Market generally uses these Barista/Traditional Coffee Machines.

Commercial Filter Coffee Machine: These machines use ground (powder/filter) coffee. The machine pre-makes enough coffee for a certain number of cups and maintains the drink hot in an appropriate jug. It is practical when you require to serve many cups at a time.

Commercial Capsule Coffee Machine: These machines prepare the drink from an air-pressed and sealed coffee capsule, sold by specific brands/suppliers. It is fast, and since the powder is not exposed to the atmosphere, it preserves freshness.


How to choose the best coffee machine?

It primarily depends on the number of cups served a day, but your business may have some other variables to consider. Our team offers personalised advice to find the best coffee machine for you, so do not hesitate to contact us.

If you need coffee machines for the office, B2B Coffee has the perfect solution for you. We provide professional coffee machines for small, medium, and large workplaces. Our coffee machines are from top manufacturers such as Saeco, Bravilor, Necta, and Rhea.

This website does not display prices; how can I make a purchase?

We offer a variety of plans to buy or rent a coffee machine. You can add the coffee consumables or a service plan to maintain the equipment in optimal condition. Each business will have its own individual requirements & demands, so after an initial free consultation (which may include a site survey) we can with confidence provide you with a written, fully costed proposal.


Can I buy a coffee machine for home from B2B Coffee?

Our coffee machines are suited for the Business & Horeca Market sectors and are not cost effective for the Home Market.


What if my machine breaks?

B2B Coffee employs highly trained coffee technicians who maintain and service all the machines we sell.

All professional coffee machines require cleaning and regular maintenance and we offer cost effective plans to look after your equipment and give you peace of mind.