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Rhea Business Line Instant Coffee

A Commercial Instant Coffee Machines uses Instant coffee powder to produce a full range of coffee drinks, such as, espresso, cappuccino, latte, café crème and American style, in a matter of seconds. Our new Instant coffee makers from Rheavendors are flexible and have several available optional features.

These table-top coffee machines boast heightened performance and a sleek elegant design and they come with a display that can be programmed for different coffee drink options


Why choose an Commercial Instant Coffee Machine for the office?

There are a few advantages to using an instant coffee machine. It is user-friendly and cost-effective. These machines require lower maintenance as they have high-capacity storage, and there is no waste container to empty.

How many cups of coffee an instant coffee machine serves per day?

The instant coffee machines available at B2B Coffee serve an average of 100 cups per day, making this an excellent solution for your office.

What is the difference between manually preparing a cup of coffee, using instant coffee granules, and the instant coffee machine?

The machine uses a higher concentrate professional soluble ingredient to produce the coffee, this along with calibrated water temperature and pressure make the perfect coffee every time.

When we use a kettle to prepare a coffee cup, the water boils (100°), consequently burning the coffee grounds. The optimal temperature to prepare a cup of coffee is 80c – 85c. On top of this, the machine applies pressure, making the drink smoother and can also froth the milk, making delicious and creamier lattes, cappuccinos, and such.

Are Instant Coffee Machines Expensive?

These Rhea instant coffee machines are the most cost-effective for the office, even compared to office coffee pod machines and office bean to cup coffee machines. This is mainly due to the cost of consumables. An example for reference, a pack of coffee costing €12.99 per 300g bag can produce over 150 cups, this is less than 9 cents per cup.

Do you provide maintenance?

Yes. We offer service agreements and have a qualified team to visit the locations and carry out complete equipment maintenance.

Do you sell consumables?


Talk to our team to find out more information and the best office coffee solution for you.