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Maintenance of commercial coffee machines is crucial to ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. It’s no secret that investing in a good quality coffee machine can be expensive. Therefore, taking care of it is crucial to get the best return on investment. A coffee machine service from your supplier is the most efficient way to guarantee everything will run smoothly.

Most modern coffee machines have an automatic (or easy-to-activate) short cleaning cycle, usually carried after serving a certain number of cups. Although this simplified cycle avoids the need for cleaning several times a day, from time to time, the device requires a coffee machine service, including complete cleaning of inside parts, checking for wear and tear, and replacing components when appropriate.

Agreeing to a service contract with your coffee machine supplier is convenient and cost-effective in the long run. If your business does not have a service contract, then coffee machine repair and parts replacement can be expensive.


A B2B Coffee expert conducts a free consultation to identify your business needs. We suggest the best coffee machine options based on the daily cups of coffee consumption and specific business needs.


We will provide you with a written and costed proposal outlining clearly and transparently the capital and ongoing maintenance costs with a price list covering all consumables.



Our coffee technicians will undertake a free site survey to assess the suitability of a your location for the coffee machine(s), and will advise if any carpentry or extra plumbing works are required. By then, we can arrange a free coffee tasting for your staff, so you can try a variety of coffee blends.


Our trained technicians provide a turnkey installation service. The coffee machine is fully set up and adjusted to suit the chosen taste, strength, volume, and such preferences.


We offer a tailored service agreement to maintain your coffee machine. A regular maintenance arrangement is essential for the performance of the equipment and the consistency of the coffee. We have several different service proposals and by agreement we will implement the service arrangement that best meets your requirements.



Our deliveries are made by B2B people and on our vans, and we can, therefore, confidently guarantee a next-day delivery on all coffee consumables.

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Our Services

B2B Coffee offers a variety of service agreements (which can include a speedy breakdown service) for the machines we supply. The coffee machine service agreement is tailored to each business and machine choice.

However, all our service agreements contain the following standard clauses:


All new machines automatically come with a 12-month parts warranty.

Longer warranty periods are available and maybe negotiated directly (a copy of our service terms & conditions will be provided on request).

Deep Clean

Remove any residues that can cause blockage or impact the drink’s taste.

Finding residues in the machine is normal due to the coffee grounds and milk. However, these residues can cause blockages or alter the drink’s taste if not cleaned regularly.


Carry out full machine descale with an industrial-grade solution.

Scale from water is also common on all appliances, household or commercial. Commercial coffee machines require an industrial-grade solution for adequate results.

Preventative Maintenance

Check “high wear” components and repair or replace any damaged parts that may lead to a breakdown (a copy of our service terms & conditions will be provided on request).

This prevention dramatically reduces the risk of parts malfunctioning, which could lead to machine breakdown and consequently a period without coffee in the office.

Quality Adjustments

Machine recalibration and adjustments to suit the customer’s taste.

The machine is set according to the customer’s taste during the initial setup. Still, some events, such as changing the coffee beans, will require a machine recalibration or cup lengths and coffee strength may need adjusting. This can be done as part of routine visits.

To summarise, a coffee machine service contract ensures its best operation, reduces downtime, improves hygiene, and saves money in the long run. Therefore, investing in regular maintenance is a smart decision for any business that values its coffee service and wants to satisfy its customers and staff.