Coffee Machine Accessories & Additional Coffee Equipment


Why do I need a coffee grinder?

Although some machines have built-in grinders, others require milling the coffee beans before the drink’s preparation. In general, grinding the coffee beans as close to the brewing time as possible will maximise the freshness and taste of the drink.

Why do I need a milk fridge or a milk cooler?

To keep the milk fresh beside the coffee machine. Mainly for offices that do not serve many cups per hour, preventing the milk from spoiling is challenging without a proper unit. Moreover, apart from the usual health hazards of spoiled milk, it interferes with the taste and can cause blockages in the machine.

Are the accessories included if I buy or rent a coffee machine?

No. We quote each piece of equipment separately, but there are many advantages of getting them together and keeping the machine’s maintenance service and supplies purchased with us. Talk to our team to discover the many benefits of being a B2B Coffee Customer.

Having a coffee machine in the office, hotel, restaurant, and other businesses has become essential. Often, you will require some Coffee Machine Accessories & Additional Coffee Equipment to serve the best quality coffee.

The list of coffee accessories is extensive, coffee scales, tampers, milk frothers, and more. How essential these items are will depend on how serious you want to take the coffee-making business and the brewing method you choose.

Some coffee machines will have built-in accessories. For example, a bean to cup coffee machine has a built-in grinder. However, if it uses fresh milk, a milk fridge will guarantee the liquid won’t go stale and secure the flavour of milk-based drinks.

A traditional barista coffee machine will require a separate coffee grinder to mill the coffee beans before brewing. In this case, the barista accessories also become essential.