Office Water


What is a bottle fed water cooler?

Although mains fed is gaining prominence, the first and most seen type of water cooler requires a bottle of drinkable water placed on the unit that will dispense the liquid. It is cheaper and easier to put in the office as it does not require access to a water supply.

What is a mains fed water cooler?

This type of water dispenser or cooler is plumbed into the main water supply. Its main advantage is the constant supply, which doesn’t require buying and replacing bottles.

What is a water boiler?

It is a piece of equipment that will instantly dispense boiled water. It works better than a kettle because there is no waiting time, and it decreases the chances of safety hazards. For instance, it is easier to spill boiling water using a kettle, which is also more fragile and can break or malfunction with constant use in an office environment.

Which is the best water solution for my office?

It will depend on your installations, your budget and taste preferences. Our team is available for a free consultation to help you make the right decision.

The importance of having an office water solution goes beyond mere convenience. Keeping hydrated interferes with health, focus and the immune system.

Most people will not drink tap water because of the purity and discomfort some residues can cause on the body. Besides, in some areas, it is not drinkable.  

To constantly buy water bottles is expensive and causes a high environmental impact with plastic waste. The best solution to serve fresh and good-quality water in the office is to have a water cooler or water dispenser.

Depending on your office installations, there are different types of water coolers. Check our FAQ below to find out more information.