Office Water Dispensers & Coolers – Plumbed & Mains Fed

Office Water Dispensers & Coolers – Plumbed & Mains Fed

For an office to be at its best, its employees simply can’t be kept thirsty. One of the best ways to ensure that you and your staff never go without a drink on a hot afternoon is to buy a new office water cooler. Luckily, modern office water machines are reliable appliances that can provide a cool, refreshing drink for everyone in a building.

Modern water dispensers for the office come in multiple types, and with a variety of features. However, therein lies the problem: how do you know which one is right for you and your office?  Let’s examine the types of coolers you’ll find from top providers and go over the main features so you know how to choose the perfect cooler for your team.

Types of Office Water Coolers & Dispensers

Not all water dispensers (or coolers) are alike. While they might all provide a drink, some of them operate quite differently from one another and might be suitable for different offices based on their unique aspects.

Water coolers in Ireland come in two distinct types, ones with bottles on top and mains-fed dispensers.

Bottled Office Water Coolers

Bottled or bottle-fed water machines are the most common type, both in Ireland and beyond. You’ve probably seen them in other offices, and may have even seen people struggle to heave the water jugs up on top.  These are relatively simple to operate and provide water via the bottle on top, letting it pour through a dispenser at around waist-level height.

Because of their simple operation, many offices still rely on bottle-fed water coolers to this day, even as mains-fed coolers have become more prevalent.


  • Bottled water coolers only require little maintenance
  • Water providers offer fresh, spring-sourced bottled water that tastes great
  • They can be placed almost anywhere and are easy to move
  • They’re incredibly easy to use
  • They can support 2 different bottle sizes, 11 or 18.9 L

Mains Fed Water Cooler for Office

Mains-fed water coolers operate by connecting the dispenser to the mains water supply of your office building.  This provides a more convenient water supply for an organization and its employees since you never run out of water.


  • You’ll save money since you won’t need to buy and ship bottles of water to your office, or you won’t need to send someone to get them.
  • You’ll never run out of water unless your entire building does, too
  • All mains-fed water coolers come with a built-in filtering system
  • Mains-fed coolers usually come with more temperature options
  • These coolers are very easy to use as well

Which Is Better?

Ultimately, which type of water machine is best for your office depends on your needs, budget, and the space available. Both types of coolers can be purchased or rented.  Many older office buildings may not be able to install a mains-fed water machine because of building layout or location. More remote or isolated offices may not have this amenity.

On the other hand, many newer office buildings come with layouts that may make installing a mains-fed water dispenser particularly easy.

In general, smaller offices and offices in remote locations may benefit more from traditional bottled water coolers due to their ease of mobility, small size, and the fact that they don’t need to be installed by a professional crew.

But larger and centrally located offices, since they have more employees, might enjoy mains-fed water machines a lot more. This is because there’s never any worry about running out of water and because these coolers often come with extra features like automatic chilling, hot and sparkling water dispensing, different volume dispensing settings, and so on.

Things to Consider When Buying a Plumbed & Mains Fed Office Water Cooler

Here are some other things to look at. If you determine what you’re looking for with these features, you’ll be able to choose the ideal water cooler for your office much more easily.


First off, consider the capacity you need. Remember that bottled water coolers have a set capacity of some number of liters. You and your staff can only ever drink as much water as you have in the bottles that fit your dispenser. On the other hand, mains-fed coolers will never run out of water so long as your office building is still getting some from the pipes.


Consider the shape and size of a water cooler for your office, as well. Some are truly compact and can fit almost anywhere: this goes for both mains-fed and bottled coolers. Others are significantly larger.

It’s a good idea to look through your office and decide where you plan to put your water dispenser once you buy it. Then go back and make sure your favorite cooler will actually fit in that space.

Temperature Options

Many modern coolers come with different temperature options. For instance, lots of bottled water machines come with warm/room temperature or cold taps. Mains-fed coolers will come with even more diverse temperature choices – some can even produce hot water for tea, coffee, and similar drinks.

Water Purification/Hygiene

Most mains-fed coolers for your office will have some degree of water purification. These filters will scrub water that comes out of the dispenser to ensure that you and your staff are only drinking clear, great-tasting water.

Some water coolers are made of stainless steel, a hypoallergenic material that lasts for quite a long time and is easy to clean.

Cup Holders

Check to see whether an office water dispenser comes with cup holders or attachments where you can place accessories. It’ll be very convenient for your staff if they can grab a disposable cup right at the cooler or use a straw on a small, attached side table.

Drip Tray/Splash Protection

You’ll also want to see whether a water cooler comes with a drip tray beneath the dispensers. This prevents water dripping from puddling over time and potentially spilling over, causing a mess.

Similarly, many of the better coolers come with splash protection designs. These are small barriers at the edge of the water dispensing zone that will prevent you or your staff from accidentally spilling water.

Maintenance Factors

Lastly, consider the maintenance required to keep a given cooler up and running.

For instance, bottled water coolers will require you to periodically refresh your supply of water, either using a delivery service or by sending someone out from your company. They’ll also require cleaning from time to time, especially on the interior.

Mains-fed water dispensers may also have their own maintenance needs, especially since they’re automated machines. However, many of these water coolers are easier to maintain over the long run if they’re installed correctly.


Ultimately, the right office water cooler for you and your office depends on your unique circumstances, space limits, and personal preferences. Consider all of your options carefully, and remember the things discussed above, and you’ll definitely choose the perfect water dispenser for your team.