Hot Water Dispensers & Boilers

Hot Water Dispensers and Hot Water Boilers for the Office

Hot water dispensers for the office are some of the most crucial modern amenities that managers and office administrators can provide their fellow employees. These convenient machines allow workplace employees to enjoy practically unlimited access to hot water all day and all year.

There are many high-quality hot water boilers to choose from, many of which are offered by major providers such as B2B Coffee. Let’s examine these appliances in greater detail.

Hot Water Dispensers Ireland – How They Work

Any given hot water dispenser in Ireland provides piping hot water for a fresh cup of coffee or tea using the same basic process.

First, the water dispenser is installed into an office building’s water mains system. As the dispenser is plumbed straight into the main water supply, this ensures that it’ll never run out of fresh water for serving an office’s employees. It also means that it doesn’t require constant refilling of new water to boil.

After being installed by a professional, the water boiler prepares water for consumption through a two-phase filtration process. In brief:

  • Water is pulled into the filtration system, most of which use carbon filtration. As it passes through carbon filters, the carbon removes chlorine, dirt and debris, bacteria, foul-tasting elements and volatile organic compounds
  • For a hot cup water dispenser rather than a water cooler, water is then siphoned into a tube or container that’s directly warmed by a heating element. This heating element quickly warms the water to an ideal temperature for tea or coffee drinking
  • Water is heated to about 100°C, which ensures that waterborne bacteria are killed in the process. Thus, only fresh boiled water is dispensed at the tap

Most high-quality office water boilers in Ireland are built with storage tanks for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. This allows the water dispenser to draw in a reservoir of hot water and store it in an insulated environment. The water in this tank stays hot for quite some time before needing to be warmed further. As the water in the tank is depleted, the mains-fed hot water dispenser draws in more liquid to heat.

This allows the heating element to occasionally rest and not waste energy boiling water that’s already hot enough.

Hot Water Boilers Ireland – Benefits

The practical benefits of a hot water dispenser shouldn’t be understated. While having fresh, cool water is always nice during the summer months, hot water is used year-round by employees that love to make their own coffee or tea. Premade coffee or tea often means a trip to a café before work, or requires that an employee settles for someone else’s blend. Plus, everyone loves a hot drink during fall and winter!

But hot water dispenser allows every employee in an office or workspace to make their own hot beverages whenever they like. It’s relatively easy to set up hot cups near water dispensers – office administrators or secretaries can provide napkins, tea packets, and other small accessories to make the space more comfortable and welcoming.

Even better, using a dedicated hot water dispenser is a lot easier than relying on a traditional kettle. That’s because most modern hot water dispensers provide hot water at just below boiling temperature, normally around 94°C. This allows office employees to enjoy their beverages more quickly instead of having to wait for several minutes for their drink to cool down.

Perhaps more importantly, adding fully boiling water at 100°C or so can burn or scorch coffee grounds or tea leaves, changing the flavor of the resulting beverage. A properly working hot water dispenser avoids this issue.

What to Look for in a Hot Water Boiler or Dispenser

No two hot water boilers are exactly alike. If you’re looking to buy a new hot water boiler for your office, keep these aspects in mind to ensure you make a smart and environmentally sustainable choice.

Mounting Locations

First and foremost, consider how and where a given hot water dispenser can be placed or mounted in your office. Hot water boilers in Ireland often come with stabilizing feet that allow them to be easily placed on tables or countertops, provided they can be plumbed into the building’s water mains. Others might be mountable straight to an office wall.

Either way works, but one type may be better depending on your office’s layout or available room.

Flow Rate

A water dispenser’s flow rate dictates how fast it can provide hot water to an office’s employees. A good rule of thumb is to target water boilers that provide up to 28 L per hour or so, which translates to over 150 cups per hour.

This is good enough for a busy office with lots of employees. It also provides enough speed to capably serve everyone, even during the cold, dark winter months when everyone wants more coffee and tea!


The materials that a water boiler are made of affect its durability and environmental friendliness. You should always look for water boilers in Ireland made with recyclable materials, particularly if your company places a priority on “green” tech and appliances.

Also check for stainless steel, at least as a protective coating on the boiler’s outside. Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant material that also works with plenty of offices’ aesthetics.

Drip Tray

All office water boilers come with drip trays, which catch spare droplets of hot water that might come from the tap. This limits messes around the hot water boiler area, especially if the tap hangs over a countertop or table edge.


You should also consider the capacity of a hot water boiler. Capacity refers to the interior water tank, or how much boiled water a dispenser can heat and store before needing to draw more water from the mains. Larger tanks mean larger boilers, but this can sometimes make for a more energy-efficient water dispenser if your office drinks a lot of tea or coffee.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is crucial in today’s world. Look for hot water boilers that use energy-efficient heating methods or excellent insulation for their storage tanks to lower your office’s energy bill and be better to the environment.

Temperature/Other Controls

Lastly, it’s a great idea to check out what temperature and other controls a given hot water dispenser might bring. Temperature controls allow an office’s employees to determine exactly how hot or warm they want their beverage to be, while electronic controls in general are easy to handle and understand. They may let employees control the dispenser’s flow rate or other aspects.

Even better, some hot water dispensers double as hot and cold water dispensers thanks to these temperature controls. These appliances are great for water at the perfect temperature year-round!


B2B Coffee has a lot of excellent hot water boilers & dispensers for the office to pick from. Considering things like how much room your office has and how many employees drink tea or coffee each day will help you choose a perfect hot water dispenser for your company’s needs. Good luck!