Commercial Coffee Grinders


What are the types of coffee grinders?

Manual Coffee Grinders: The smallest and most portable grinders on the market, it has a manual crank that you operate to grind the coffee beans.

Blade Coffee Grinders: These work like food processors but are specifically designed for coffee grinding. They use blunted blades to break up the coffee beans gradually.

Burr Coffee Grinders: It has two revolving burrs that will mill the coffee between them. It causes the minimum damage to the grounds and offers consistency and durability. However, you will need higher investment.

Why do I need a coffee grinder?

Vacuum-packed coffee granules quickly lose their flavour after the pack is open. One way to avoid this is by buying coffee beans whole. The whole bean holds onto the flavour much longer than one ground up. Grinding your beans before you make a cup of coffee is the best way to maximise the shelf life of your coffee. It also enables you to choose how finely ground the coffee is, depending on the brewing method and type of coffee you like to drink.

Are coffee grinders expensive?

No, you can find an affordable version of grinders for home users on the market. At B2B Coffee, we only deal with professional coffee grinders that handle a higher volume of use and work best for businesses with commercial coffee machines.

What is coarseness?

The thickness of the grains. Depending on the brewing method you choose, the coarseness of the powder will vary, mainly due to the brewing time.

Does it require maintenance?

Minimum, as it only works with dry and roasted coffee beans, it doesn’t require constant cleaning. Yet, from time to time, it is helpful to remove all parts and give them a thorough clean for any remaining coffee grounds.

A coffee grinder mills the coffee beans into the proper coarseness for the brewing method. There are a few different types, some suitable for home users, others for professional grinding. The commercial coffee grinders are essential for businesses using commercial machines, such as barista coffee machines.

A commercial electric coffee grinder will ensure that the coffee beans are ground evenly. The larger the granule, the longer its brewing time, so this can drastically affect the flavour and consistency of your coffee. The taste will be more pungent the more finely ground the coffee is. The brewing time will be longer (and gentler) the more coarsely ground it is.

We offer a series of different Gaggia professional coffee grinders that allow you to choose the one best suited for your business.

The frequently asked questions below will offer you more information. We also have a Useful Guide to Coffee Bean Grinder. Furthermore, our team is always available to assist you with any enquiry.