Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are how the fruit is harvested from nature, although it goes through a roasting process before we can use to prepare the drink. There are two main types of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica Coffee Beans

The beans were first discovered in Ethiopia in the 15th century, but records show that the drink extracted from it only began in the 17th century in Arabia, via Yemen. The plant was named Coffea Arabica after the region.

Arabica grows in high altitudes and moderate climates. It tastes sweet and smooth, with floral and fruity notes and a pleasant aroma resembling berries. It is the favourite bean for most coffee lovers and has a higher percentage of world production, 60-70%.

Robusta Coffee Beans

Its origins are in Central and West Africa, but it is currently cultivated in many places worldwide, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The plantation is less susceptible to diseases, growing on lower altitudes and in hot and humid equatorial climates. It has a higher percentage of caffeine, with a more pungent and bitter taste, which can vary according to the roasting and brewing process.

In general, Robusta coffee pleases those who like a full-bodied espresso with a strong taste of caffeine. Moreover, it is widely used in blends of coffee for drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes to preserve the caffeine taste that the milk could underwhelm.

Coffee Blends

The two types of coffee beans are not only encountered in 100% pure forms. The blends between arabica and robusta are common and often encountered in the HORECA market. Mixing the two beans offers the sweetness and smoothness of arabica and the strength of robusta.