UASAL Óir Coffee Beans


Strength- 3 / 5


Country of Origin: KENYA & ETHIOPIA 

Uasal Óir coffee beans is a premium gourmet 100% Arabica.
This is a medium body coffee with a tea-like mouthfeel and a dried fruit and caramel fragrance. A flavour of raisins, dates and chocolate with a caramel and tangerine aftertaste with a fruity, citric acidity.

Roasted in Ireland.



We’re proud to present our new range of coffee beans to our customers. We sought and found the right beans and then combined them with the best coffee roasters. The Irish word Uasal means “Noble” in English and a “Deoch Uasal” means a “Noble Drink”. We would be delighted if you would partake in a “Deoch Uasal”.

The symbol or our coffee is the Irish Oak Tree. We’ve chosen this symbol due to its characteristics of strength, beauty and noble presence. It represents best what we have achieved with our “Uasal” brand of coffee. Please enjoy a cup of “Uasal” coffee!

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