Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines

Commercial espresso coffee machine Futurmat

Futurmat Sensius 2 Group

Traditional Barista coffee machine Visacrem

Visacrem Vetro 2 Group

The most suitable equipment for cafes, or the Horeca market in general, the Commercial Espresso Coffee Machine provides broad control over the preparation process since it is finely adjusted to the type of beans, the temperature and the water pressure.

The machines we sell are semi-automatic, which means the water pressure, once adjusted in the settings, is controlled automatically as opposed to using a manual lever (manual espresso machines). The barista still carries the remaining part of the brewing process.


What does the “group” mean in 2 or 3-group espresso machines?

It is the number of heads the commercial espresso machine has to prepare the coffee. That is, in a two-group head, two drinks can be prepared simultaneously. It is essential at establishments where you have more than one person working at a given time so the barista does not need to wait for the colleague to finish the process before beginning the next drink.

It is also helpful due to the cleaning process. After delivering the drink, a small amount of cleaning is required in all machines to remove the excess coffee grounds and clean the milk wand. Then, one can prepare a drink using on group head while cleaning the other.

How do we use a traditional coffee machines?

The coffee beans must be grounded using a professional coffee grinder (link), placed inside the portafilter and tamped utilising a tamper. Next, the portafilter is fitted in the machine’s group head, and one presses the button to initiate the brewing process. Finally, the water at the correct temperature is pressure through the grounds to complete extraction.

The explanation above is simplified to give you a general idea. In practice, the barista controls the process,  paying attention to details such as the ground’s dose and coarseness. For this reason, you need training staff to operate the machine.

How long does it take to prepare the coffee?

It depends. Once everything is in place, the extraction usually takes 25-30 seconds. However, the amount of time to grind the coffee beans, load the dose, fit the portafilter, and all the manual tasks will count towards the drink’s preparation time.

Do you provide training for the commercial espresso coffee machines?

Yes, for the commercial espresso coffee machines we sell we provide training. Yet, if you have a staff with coffee knowledge, and experience in preparing drinks, you will likely deliver a tasteful beverage from the starting point. The perfection of this brewing process requires some practice.

Do you provide maintenance?

Yes. We offer service agreements and have a qualified team to visit the locations and carry out complete equipment maintenance.

Does it come with a grinder?

No. Traditional coffee machines require a professional coffee grinder (link) to pre-ground the coffee beans. You can find more information about commercial coffee grinders here.