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The commercial capsule coffee machines and coffee pod machines are practical, efficient, and cost-effective. It suits offices that require a small or medium amount of cups daily.

The preparation method is simple, the user inserts the capsule or pod into the machine slot, presses the button for the drink choice, and collects the drink.

We offer a range of compact commercial coffee machines. Check out our products, find more information on our FAQ below, and our team is always here to help you.


Are commercial capsule coffee machines and coffee pod machines the same?

When it comes to the preparation method, it is the same. Insert the capsule into the professional coffee machine, and collect the drink. The difference is in the packaging. Capsules are small cylindrical containers where the coffee is ready, grounded, compressed, and air-sealed, maintaining its freshness. Coffee pods are, generally, a single dose of coffee pressed between two sheets, similar to a tea bag. There are some options of air-sealed or even compostable pods on the market.

Is a bean to cup coffee machine better than capsules or pod coffee machines?

They are both great options. The best commercial coffee machine for your business will depend on a series of factors, the main one being the number of daily servings. For example, in a bean to cup coffee machine, the beans are stored in a container attached to the equipment, which can go stale if not consumed within a reasonable time.

Can I use a capsule coffee machine or pod coffee machine at home?

B2B Coffee only provides commercial coffee machines. They are not cost-effective for home users. Some popular brands in the market, such as Nespresso and Tassimo, offer these coffee appliances.

Does it need maintenance?

All professional coffee machines require a certain level of cleaning and maintenance. However, these compact commercial coffee machines usually have an automatic cycle that is simple to use regularly. For professional equipment maintenance, we offer the service plans carried out by our specialized team.