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The Saeco is a commercial capsule coffee machine ideal for small and medium offices and workplaces. This machine can produce up to 40 cups of consistently high quality coffee each day from a selection of 6 different Lavazza capsules.



Espresso, Long coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Latte macciato, Hot water, Manual brewing



  • Capacity: 4 L water / 40 used capsules
  •  2.5 L drip tray
  • One-Touch / High Speed Cappuccino
  • Integrated hot water spout
  • Double boiler, double pump
  • Cappuccinatore Pinless Wonder
  • 8 direct one touch selections
  • Optional water supply connection (kit supplied)

This commercial capsule coffee machine is very easy to use and despite the compact design has a long operational life due to the reliability of its components. The modern Italian design incorporates a wide display (2.7”) with backlit icons.

The Saeco coffee machine is 100% built in Italy and is based around very solid technology that is the strong point of all Saeco professional coffee machines. This machine can produce up to 40 cups of consistently high quality coffee each day from a selection of 6 different Lavazza capsules. A very versatile machine that facilitates all kinds of cups as the coffee dispenser can be adjusted to three different levels.

The Saeco One Touch Cappuccino system combined with the double boiler, designed for the high speed function, means that you don’t have to wait long to collect your top quality drink. There are a few options of mini fridge which can be placed beside the coffee machine to guarantee it is fresh and ready to go whenever you touch the button.




With Lavazza coffee capsules you can quickly prepare a high quality coffee.  To create amazing coffee blends, Lavazza coffee beans are selected and processed using the most innovative technologies to ensure the unmistakable taste and aroma of their coffee is kept intact. Capsules are the most practical and easy to use solutions to enjoy a real Italian espresso and other preparations at home.
Each Lavazza coffee capsule contains 7 grams of coffee, with an exception of La Reserva de Tierra capsule, which contains 12 grams of coffee.This Seaco machine provides a certain level of control over the strength and volume of your drink using the “manual brewing” function of the machine.

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Coffee type

Coffee capsules (coffee pods)

Average Consumption

40 cups / day

Water Tank

4 L

Coffee drawer

40 doses

Drip tray

2.5 L


Pinless Wonder


284 mm


477 mm


366 mm


9 kg


Matt black

Power Supply

230V / 50Hz

Absorbed Power



stainless steel

Hot Water / Steam Wand


Water Supply

Independent tank

Connection to mains water


Payment System

Not Compatible with Payment System

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