Lease or Rent a Coffee Machine for Your Business

 Providing an exceptional coffee experience in the HORECA market and business environments is crucial. Yet, the expense of purchasing and maintaining equipment can pose challenges. That’s where the option to lease or rent a coffee machine becomes vital.

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At B2B Coffee, we understand your needs and offer a range of choices, including espresso machines for hire, leasing options, and outright purchases, catering to diverse requirements.

Explore our commercial coffee machines and equipment, we offer an initial free consultation to help you identify the optimal solution for your office.


Commercial Coffee Machine Rental

For commercial establishments desiring a barista-style setup, renting ensures not just cost-effectiveness but also includes regular professional cleaning, maintenance, and access to consumables, streamlining operations.

The Advantages of Renting 

It provides flexibility without a large initial investment. It enables better cash flow management and cost control. With fixed-term payments, you can swiftly install the machine and budget efficiently.

Coffee Machine Rent for Office Spaces

For hassle-free, quality coffee provision at the workplace, renting a coffee machine for office use simplifies maintenance with pre-agreed terms, allowing the supplier to manage most aspects. Additionally, flexible agreements enable machine switches, accommodating evolving business needs.

We offer a range of machine type to rent:

Considering Purchasing a Coffee Machine

AT B2B Coffee we provide the best solution for the customer. The advantage of owning your machine is freedom and flexibility, including moving location without previous notice, for example. Yet, it comes with responsibilities such as regular maintenance and cleaning.

During our consultation, we’ll help devise a maintenance routine suited to your company’s needs. We also offer a comprehensive regular maintenance service.


What is the difference between renting and leasing the equipment?

Leasing also has many benefits, also naming the low initial investment instalment payments. However, your business is acquiring the machine, therefore, at the end of the term, the equipment is yours as if bought outright. We have a partnership with a great business providing lease agreements for coffee machines in Dublin and across Ireland.

At B2B Coffee, we prioritize your preferences, whether it’s hiring, leasing, or buying. Our aim is to provide top-notch solutions that elevate your coffee experience and business efficiency.

Ready to find the perfect coffee solution for your business?

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