Commercial Office Coffee Machine Rental & Hire

Financing Your Commercial Office Coffee Machine: the Options.

Commercial Office Coffee Machine Rent / Lease / Hire (or Purchase outright)

We offer flexible financing options to our customers. If you don’t wish to purchase your coffee machine outright, you can rent or lease it. There are many advantages to each option.

Commercial Office Coffee Machine Rental / Hire

The main advantage of renting your coffee machine is that it doesn’t require a large initial investment, which helps to preserve cash flow and improve cost control. It also has a lower risk factor. You don’t have to worry about the costs associated with owning and running a coffee machine. It offers flexibility: at the end of the rental period you can upgrade to a new machine or continue with the existing one.

Commercial Office Coffee Machine Lease

Leasing also has many benefits, whether you are an established company or a start-up. Again, the main advantage is a low initial investment which helps with cash flow and cost control. The fixed term payment allows you to get the coffee machine you need now and pay for it on an agreed regular basis.

Commercial Office Coffee Machine – Outright Purchase

Of course, many companies opt to purchase their coffee machines outright: making the equipment yours has its advantages too. In the long run it is cheaper than renting or leasing. Also, owning the coffee machine means you can do what you want with it e.g. you might want to trade it at a later date. And there is flexibility as far as choosing your coffee supplier is concerned: if you don’t like our coffee, you can feel free to find another source. Finally, purchasing means you have complete control over the maintenance schedule. Look after your coffee machine in your own time.

It’s our belief that every work place should have a good coffee machine. But we understand that offering flexible finance, makes the transaction much easier, which is why we offer office commercial coffee machine hire, rental and lease as well as outright purchase.

Get the coffee machine you need now and pay for it in a way that suits you best.