Office Coffee Machines

small office coffee machines - Bravillor Novo filter coffee machine

Bravillor NOVO Filter Machine

Bravillor TH filter coffee machine

Bravillor TH Filter Machine

Aulika Bean to Cup coffee machine

Saeco Aulika Coffee Machine

saeco lavazza capsule coffee machine

Seaco Lavazza Capsules Machine

Saeco Area Nes Pro Pods Coffee Machine

Saeco Area Nes-Pro Coffee Pod Machine

Necta Krea Touch office bean to cup coffee machine

Necta Krea Coffee Machine

Necta Kalea Plus Coffee Machine new

Necta Kalea Plus Coffee Machine

Bravilor RLX76 office filter coffee machine

Bravilor RLX76 Filter Coffee Machine

Saeco Magic 2 bean to cup coffee machine

Saeco Magic M2

La Rhea V Grande with Fresh Milk Modul commercial coffee machine

La Rhea V Grande with Fresh Milk Modul

Commercial instant coffee machines Rhea Lio

Rhea Lio Instant Coffee Machine


Rhea Business Line Instant Coffee Machine

B2B Coffee provides a range of professional office coffee machines for small, medium and large workplaces. Our range of office coffee makers includes machines from top manufacturers such as Saeco, Bravilor, Necta, and Rhea.

When choosing the best coffee machine for office use, the number of cups you will serve daily is the first point to consider. This figure will not be exact, but an average based on the number of staff and visitors you have on a typical day.

Our range is suitable for offices from 5 people to 20 people, and for businesses with more than 25 people, a professional coffee machine that serves hundreds of cups daily will better meet the demand. Our compact office coffee machines are easy to use and deliver great-quality drinks.

When the number of servings is high, bean to cup coffee machines are cost-effective compared to coffee capsule machines, for example, due to the number of cups you extract from each kilo of coffee beans.

These commercial coffee machines deliver tastiness and freshness with coffee beans grounded at the time of your drink selection. Most models offer a range of milk-based drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos. Make your choice, press the button, and collect your drink.


Does it require installation?

Yes, many of them will also require plumbing. We have a specialized team that can look after everything for you. Request your quote for full information on all services.

What is the difference between the office coffee machines in this range?

They offer different preparation methods, filter coffee machines or coffee capsule machines (cappuccino machines). You can find more information for each method by clicking on their name and visiting the associated link.

Do you sell supplies for these office coffee machines?

Yes, we have a range of filter coffee, coffee pods and coffee beans.

Are they hard to maintain?

All coffee machines require a small amount of routine cleaning, and some models may need a thorough maintenance routine from time to time. We offer service agreements to cover all care your machine may need.

Does it take up a lot of space?

No, they are compact coffee machines.

Yet, having a well-planned coffee station or canteen will contribute to the presentation and offer staff all the benefits of having this facility in the office. B2B Office Interiors offer a great range of canteen furniture and breakout furniture that will make your lounge area look great and boost staff morale.

Is there a maximum number of staff?

Yes, but there is some flexibility depending on the situation, for example, if the work system is hybrid. Talk to our advisor to get a free consultation to find the best coffee solution for your business.

From experience, we know that our machines work well with up to 100 staff. We’ve noticed that offices with these numbers are split between two floors or in rooms far apart. In these cases, people must spend more time going to and back from the coffee machine, which sometimes causes small queues. Some machine models may also run an automatic cleaning cycle after preparing many drinks, it is simple and fast, yet it requires a short waiting time that can be inconvenient if there are a few people around.

Therefore, for more than 100 staff we recommend placing two machines close to each room.

Do I need a coffee station / furniture for it?

These corporate coffee machines will function in most plain surfaces. Having a coffee station or break area is a convenience proven to boost staff morale and impact productivity, B2B Office Interiors has some wonderful options to complement your area, they also offer office full office fit out to create the perfect work environment.