Necta Kalea Plus Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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The Necta Kalea Plus comes with a wide interactive 7″ touchscreen that is very easy to use and provides a comprehensive menu of drinks and facilitates on-screen branding and customisation. It can play videos in standby mode and to accompany specific drink selections. Perfect solution for breakout lounge area in medium and large offices.


Americano, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Flat White, Mochaccino, Chocolate, Hot water



  • Grind on demand with fresh bean-to-cup coffee
  • Large and user-friendly 7″ touch screen
  • Multimedia display for company logo & promotional videos
  • No. of selections: up to 10 per page (4 pages)
  • Fitted with a professional steam wand
  • Milk system: professional geared milk pump
  • 2 boilers (one for hot water and one for frothing milk)
  • Automatic and easy cleaning
  • Easy to use, manage and clean by staff and in self-service mode
  • Semi-automatic cleaning process of the fresh milk circuit
  • Ability to communicate with telemetry & remote monitoring systems
  • Made in Italy


The Necta Kalea Plus is the ideal office coffee machine for both the busy office environment and HoReCa market. Not only does it provide top quality coffee of at least 150 cups per day but is easy to use, manage and clean. The daily machine cleaning is a simple process, the cycle can be pre-set and the software does the rest. The user friendly new software allows you to program many kinds of drinks and coffees, incorporating different cup sizes and recipes.

The Necta Kalea Plus is a fresh milk machine with three hoppers/canisters capable of holding two different coffee roasts + chocolate. At the touch of a button It delivers delicious Espressos, Flat whites, Americanos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochaccinos, Hot Chocolate and of course hot water for teas.

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Average Consumption

200 drinks / day

Coffee Beans Capacity

2 X 1.2 kg

Chocolate Capacity

1.5 kg

Decaf option


Coffee drawer

50 doses

Drip tray

1.4 L




368 mm


788 mm


586 mm


47 kg


Matt black

Power Supply

230-240V / 50Hz

Absorbed Power

3000 W

Energy Efficient

yes (optional deep sleep mode)


2 X 800 cc capacity

Hot Water / Steam Wand


Water Supply

Fixed water connection

Connection to mains water


Payment System

Compatible with Payment System

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