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The commercial filter coffee machines, also called the pour over coffee maker or drip coffee machine, is the automated version of an old and traditional brewing method.

In this system, hot water is poured over the coffee grounds, extracting the flavour and aroma and preparing the drink. The filter coffee machine looks after the process once the user adds the coffee powder onto the filter and the cold water into the container.

Some options will have a decanter to hold the drink ready; others come with an airpot which maintains the drink hot for longer.


What are the advantages of a commercial filter coffee machine?

Some coffee connoisseurs defend that the slow process of dripping the water extracts more flavours, but others will affirm it is just different but neither better nor worse.

In an office situation, the main advantage is having more cups ready at once. If a large group is going on a coffee break, there is no need to wait for each one to prepare an espresso. The machine can be set to go through the preparation, and monitoring is not necessary.

Does it produce the same drinks as a bean to cup coffee or a capsule coffee machine?

It only produces black coffee, which can be manually mixed with milk.

Also, some experts say that this method extracts more flavour from the grounds, making the drink stronger and richer, although the taste varies slightly depending on the beans used. On the other hand, the capsules or bean to cup coffee machines apply pressure to the hot water passing through the powder, which creates a creamy top.

Is the commercial filter coffee machine the best option for my office?

It depends on the routine and the budget you have. They are generally cheaper, however, if you have a constant demand for cups of coffee at random times and in individual doses, having a high volume of drinks sitting for too long will cause waste. In this case, it is worth considering a office coffee pod machine.

Is it suitable for home use?

B2B Coffee specialises in coffee machines for businesses. However, you can find and order filter coffee machines available for home users at

Can I use coffee beans with filter coffee machines?

No, you need to grind the coffee beans or buy filter coffee. You can buy a good coffee grinder to achieve the proper coarseness for this brewing method.