Bravilor RLX76 Filter Coffee Machine


Bravilor RLX76 pour over coffee maker with integrated hot water section and connection for mains water supply. The RLX76 brews directly into vacuum flask or air-pots. Pre-fitted with a coffee-ready signal and a descaling indicator. Comes complete with stainless steel filter-pan and drip-tray (not including vacuum flask or air-pot. The best filter coffee machine for buffet, medium and large office.

  • Delicious fresh coffee
  • Robust and high-quality appearance because of stainless steel filter pan and housing
  • Equipped with coffee-is-ready signal and descale indicator
  • Coffee of a consistent quality: the air-pots monitor the quality of the coffee
  • Easy operation and maintenance

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Coffee, Hot Water

Buffer stock

1.8 L

Hour capacity

15 L

Hour capacity hot water

18 L

Brewing time

7 minutes

Water connection



230 V / 50-60 Hz / 2015 W, 400 V / 3N~ 50-60 Hz / 3925 W


475 mm


611 mm


509 mm

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