Coffee Pods & Coffee Capsules

What is Coffee Pods

Coffee pods or Capsules are small containers packed with a certain grammage of coffee grounds, compressed and air-sealed to be used on coffee pod machines or capsule coffee machines.

They generally contain between 5 and 7 grams, with some larger options available, like the Italian Milani XL capsule, which has 11 grams.

This type of preparation method became more popular due to the brand Nespresso©, however, several great options in the market use the same system. The simplicity attracts attention, the user inserts the capsule or pod into the machine slot, presses the button for the drink choice, and collects the drink.

For businesses that don’t have a high number of cups consumed daily, this option is cost-effective and delivers better quality because the coffee beans can go stale if left in the machine’s container for a long time.