New Lavazza Tierra Selection Capsules


New Lavazza Tierra Selection Capsules Full-bodied and aromatic with a sweet taste.

  • Origin: 100% Arabica product made exclusively with a blend of premium green coffees from Arabica coffee growers in Honduras, Peru, Colombia.
  • Intensity: 8
  • Roast: Medium
  • Packaging: 100 capsules per case | 7 gram per capsule
  • Compatibility: with Lavazza Blue Capsule System

Lavazza Blue La Reserva de Tierra Intense coffee capsule is a blend that combines the full-bodied flavour of Brazilian coffees with the fragrant aromas and delicate qualities of Honduras, Peruvian and Colombian coffee. It features a long-lasting aroma with chocolate undertones and an excellent body, with thick cream and slightly fruity and sweet taste. The skillful selection and combination of Arabica from the best origins have created a unique blend of sweet and delicate aromas of jasmine flower, dried fruits and milk chocolate.


Lavazza Blue has created an innovative capsule system that guarantees the perfect Italian espresso every time. It is designed for low to medium volume commercial usage, the perfect choice for the boardroom, meeting area, reception or small office.

What’s more, there is no compromise on flavour, aroma or body with a range of perfect Italian coffee blends designed to suit all tastes. Lavazza Blue offers great choice with minimum fuss.

The Lavazza Blue Capsule System offers a great range of benefits:

  • Wide range of blends to choose from
  • Consistently high-quality espresso in the cup
  • 100% Fresh coffee in hygienic, self-protecting capsules
  • No need for a grinder
  • Accurate stock control

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