What if one little change in your office setup could transform it overnight? Would you do it? Of course most bosses, office managers and team leaders are always on the lookout for solutions to everyday work problems, but few consider the power of having a coffee machine—or instant coffee at the very least—in the office kitchen.

Here’s why it’s not an expense but an investment.

1. Coffee Saves Time

How many of your workers come back late from lunch? They can blame the traffic, the elevator or simply their flair for losing track of time. In business, every minute counts as this may affect the company’s performance.

Good quality coffee is a huge attraction for most people and the reason why many end up returning from lunch late. So why not make it enticing to spend lunch in the office with colleagues rather than going out?

2. Be a Better Boss

Taking lunch in the office also creates more opportunity for you to relate with your team. Offering to make coffee for a subordinate signals a relaxed approach. This act will build trust and rapport without it costing you more than a few minutes of your day.

The relationships built in these moments are priceless:

      • They’ll be relaxed enough to share personal or work-related concerns which you should act upon
      • You can showcase your own character so employees trust you more
      • It builds cohesion between you and your team

      All thanks to a cup of coffee.

      3. Want to Keep Your Team Happy?

      Your team also has a need to relate to one another. It’s proven that a healthy work environment will lower stress, make people more productive and prevent a high employee turnover rate.

      We all know the smell of coffee combined with a warm brew is the best spark to a good conversation. Why can’t those happen in your office too?

      The moment you provide coffee in the office helps to create this environment. Your workers will become friends as well as colleagues which leads to a more effective workforce who trust each other and work as a team.

      4. The Answer to Improving Productivity

      And here’s another way your team can be more effective: It’s a proven fact caffeine helps you stay alert and focused. Your loyal workers probably put in more hours than you pay them for, right? Why not reward them with the taste of coffee but also help them stay productive even when they’re tired?

      It’s not only that you want your team to stay awake during work hours instead of nodding off. You also need accurate work. Coffee helps with this because enhanced focus leads to fewer mistakes in calculations or other demanding tasks.

      And here’s something few of us think of: The coffee you place in a construction site’s mobile office can lead to fewer accidents in a risky environment because your team will be more alert.

      It’s the small things that have huge impact in life.

      5. It’s a Business Investment

      All of this leads to a few important outcomes that most leaders are after:

        • Improved bottom line because more work gets done.
        • More effective workforce who remain in the job so you don’t have to spend money on training new recruits.

      You thought a cup of coffee will spoil your workforce and indulge their demands. By not providing this beverage you’re actually keeping your business from being all it can be. That’s the power of a good brew.