A coffee machine has become an essential part of an office. A reliable and efficient coffee machine in the office can make a difference for visitors and staff. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine the best commercial coffee machines for an office in 2023. This article will explore some of the top choices to consider.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Office Coffee Machines for 2023

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best commercial coffee machine. Beginning with the size of your business and the daily coffee consumption, you can find the most suitable option.


  • Number of Serving: The first factor is how many cups you serve daily. It will determine the best and most cost-effective type of machine for you.
  • Type of machine: There are several types of commercial coffee machines, including traditional espresso machines, bean-to-cup machines, and pod-based machines.
  • Ease of use: The machine should be easy to use, maintain, and clean. The more complicated the device, the more training and time the staff requires.
  • Quality of coffee: Look for a machine that produces high-quality coffee with good flavour, aroma, and crema.
  • Brand and warranty: Purchase from a reputable brand with good customer support and a warranty covering defects. The best option for businesses is to choose a supplier that offers a service contract to maintain and fix the machine regularly; it works out cheaper in the long run.
  • Budget: Consider the cost of the machine, including any accessories and maintenance costs, and ensure that it fits your budget.

The list below includes the best office coffee machines for this year, divided into types: traditional barista coffee machines, bean to cup coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, and instant coffee machines.

Traditional Barista Coffee Machines – Horeca Market


Futurmat Sensius is a traditional barista coffee machine which beats to the rhythm of each espresso blend, extracting from each coffee origin a cup of pleasure, full of nuances, aromas and intensity.

The symmetry of its flowing forms combined with noble materials and a fine finish leaves no room for indifference.


Traditional Barista coffee machine Futurmat


Visacrem Vetro is a traditional barista coffee machine that stands out for its design, high quality and the reliability of its multiple features. It is the safest machine on the market inside as well as out.

Quick surface cleaning after each use. Excellent durability and strength. Minimal maintenance. High heat resistance. Resistant to humid environments. 100% recyclable material.

Traditional Barista coffee machine Visacrem

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines – Coffee machines for large-sized offices

The bean-to cup coffee machines offer taste and freshness and are cost-effective for large-sized offices as the cost per cup will be low. It is on the higher end of the office coffee machines, bringing the freshness from the coffee bean straight to your cup at the click of a button.

Saeco Magic M2

The heart of Saeco Magic is a professional variable chamber unit able to hold from 8.5 to 15 g of coffee. The amount of coffee dosed can be adjusted automatically via the menu. The unit of bean to cup coffee machine has steel conical burrs, which can also be adjusted to obtain your favourite grind setting.

Saeco Magic features a new milk frothing system where the milk frother is built into the coffee dispenser. Extremely silent, it emulsifies creamy froth but can also prepare beverages with simple hot milk.

Perfect solution for breakout lounge area in medium and large offices.


Saeco Magic 2 bean to cup coffee machine

Necta Kalea Plus

The Necta Kalea Plus comes with a wide interactive 7″ touchscreen that is very easy to use and provides a comprehensive menu of drinks and facilitates on-screen branding and customisation.

It can play videos in standby mode and to accompany specific drink selections. Perfect solution for breakout lounge area in medium and large offices.


Kalea bean to cup coffee machine

Rhea V Grande

The new LaRhea coffee machine enables coffee drinkers to choose between the classic espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato or other styles like American “to go” coffee and cafe creme.

Produces the full range of coffee drinks
The Variflex technology reproduces the professional barista expertise that consistently produces magnificent coffees
Comes with a 7″ all-glass touch screen with an elegant, latest generation interface
Has a visible bean hopper
The availability of additional features
12 months parts warranty


LaRhea V Grande commercial bean to cup coffee machine

Capsule Coffee Machines – Coffee machines for medium-sized offices

We recommend these coffee machines for medium-sized offices due to their practicality and quality of drinks produced. If you do not require many cups delivered daily, having the coffee grounds sealed into the capsule until the drink preparation is the best option to enjoy a fresh coffee. Some small sized businesses also opt for the capsule coffee machines.

Saeco Capsule Coffee Machine

This machine is compact, easy to use and to maintain. The brand is reliable, and the Italian technology guarantees a great cup of coffee every time.

It delivers up to 100 cups per day. The backlit menu is clear and easy to use.


Saeco Area Nes-Pro Coffee Pod Machine

The Saeco Area Nes-Pro is a commercial office coffee pod machine ideal for small and medium offices and workplaces!

coffee machine with Saeco Milk Fridge FR7L front view

Instant Coffee Machines – Coffee machines for small sized offices

The instant coffee machines deliver a creamy and delightful drink with the advantage of lower cost supplies than the above options. Hence, it is a great option of coffee machine for small sized offices that need to serve good quality drinks but do not have a high budget or do not serve many cups daily.

It suits some medium-sized and small-sized offices too.

Rhea Lio

This is an elegant, smart instant coffee maker that comes alive with lights.

The Rhea Lio tabletop professional coffee machine produces various coffee drinks in a matter of seconds, such as espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato or international styles like American coffee and cafe creme.

Professional -Instant-Coffee-Machines-Rhea-Lio

Rhea Business Line

The Rhea Business Line EC is a table top instant coffee machine, which produces a range of coffee drinks such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and American style coffee and café crème. This Rhea coffee machine is an ideal and most economical coffee solution for a small office or a boardroom.

3 containers for different products
Hot water for tea available
3.5″ display that can be programmed for different content
12 months parts warranty

Soluble Machines Rhea Business Line EC

In conclusion, amongst the many options of commercial coffee machines available in the market, these offer reliability, quality, speed and storage capacity depending on the needs of your business.

Yet, choosing the best coffee machine can be daunting, therefore, we have a team available to help you with a free consultation.