The summer is over, and although some of us will still enjoy these amazing Iced Coffee recipes, most will switch to the mugs of hot coffee drinks to help keep warm and cosy.

If we can sometimes feel undecided for long facing a cafe menu, imagine the arduous task of sorting through hundreds of recipes available online. Moreover, some options require unusual ingredients or have a complex preparation method. So, to make life easier, we have sorted through hundreds of different recipes and hand-picked the easiest yet tasty ones, especially for you.

We hope you enjoy the selection below, and feel free to share which is your favourite with us through our social media.

Why not serve hot coffee drinks at your Staff Christmas Party or Staff Canteen?

hot coffee drink

Within winter months, we also enjoy Christmas time with family, and most businesses will have a staff confraternization to celebrate what has been achieved during the year. It is also a great way to boost staff morale and for colleagues to interact in a relaxed manner.

Some events may happen in hotels, restaurants, or cafes (HORECA market) with set food and drinks provided. Therefore, choosing a menu with various options is a good idea to please most people. Other businesses have the facility to cater Christmas parties on their premises and have more control over the menu.

Serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot coffee drinks will undoubtedly be a great differential that will please the ever-growing group of coffee lovers in the crowd.


Below are some ideas for tasty and easy recipes. Also, a good option is to give some non-caffeinated traditional winter drinks, such as eggnog, an extra kick by adding coffee. In this mix, enjoy the eggnog as if it is a coffee creamer.

Pumpkin Spice Latte


Coconut milk

Pumpkin purée

Maple syrup

Vanilla extract

Spices (like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger)

& espresso or your coffee of choice


Preparation Method

Mix all the ingredients into a cup, adding more or less of each according to your palate.

A typical winter coffee drink served in most cafes and restaurants. It has many recipe variations. Yet, you can prepare it simply by mixing all the ingredients into a cup. You can add more or less of each to suit any individual palate.

hot coffee drink

Irish Coffee


White cream

Demerara sugar



Optional: Nutmeg, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon

You can adapt the quantity of each ingredient to suit your taste.

Preparation Method

  1. Begin by mixing the demerara sugar with boiling water to create a syrup (2 parts of sugar for 3 parts of water).
  2. Add the sugar to a small dose of whisky
  3. Whip the cream until it starts to stiffen (more or less 30ml per cup)
  4. Prepare the espresso or coffee shot using your preferred method (link to preparation methods?!)
  5. Mix the coffee with the whisky (already with syrup) and add the cream at the top.

 You can add vanilla, grated nutmeg, or cinnamon to garnish the drink and serve.

Probably the most traditional drink in Ireland for this time of the year (the jury is out!), this drink offers sweetness, smoothness and tastiness all into one cup. The preparation is not complex, and it has non-alcoholic variations.

hot coffee drink

Cardamon Latte




Milk (regular, soy, almond, oat)

Ground Cardamon

Preparation Method

It is as easy as mixing all ingredients. However, if you fancy finding variations or more information about the drink, you can do it so here.

Cardamom is a unique spice that offers an intense and specific flavour. This recipe is well balanced with sweetness from the honey and smoothness from the milk. Some studies point out that it may have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

hot coffee drink