B2B Coffee launched a new brand of coffee beans called “Uasal” that focuses on Ireland’s growing taste for great coffee. B2B Coffee has been supplying coffee machines and coffee beans for many years and through continuous taste testing and listening to customer feedback we decided to create the Uasal Brand that would appeal to Irish Coffee tastes.

Taste is very much a subjective and personal issue for people. There is never a single solution that will please everybody, so we decided to create three different coffee blends within the “Uasal” brand. We hope you find the blend that will delight your palate.

“A balanced mix of selected arabica and robusta coffee beans, combined with the right coffee roaster, creates the very best coffee.”

Please read on the find out more about the “Uasal” brand, followed by the individual attributes of each of the three blends, “Dearg”, “Gorm” agus “Oir”.

The Story behind Uasal Coffee Beans 

There is much research about what coffee drinkers in Ireland expect from a cup of joe. To make it short and simple, we can say that it needs to be full-bodied but still smooth. So we decided to find the best coffee by looking after the whole process, combining the best coffee beans with the right roaster to ensure we deliver full taste and true elegance.

The Irish word Uasal means “Noble” in English, “Deoch Uasal” means a “Noble Drink”. So, we would be delighted if you would partake in a “Deoch Uasal”.

The symbol of the Brand of Coffee Uasal

We looked for a symbol that would represent the characteristics of our coffee.

Historically, the Celts held the Irish Oak Tree in awe due to its’ aspects of strength, beauty and noble presence. Likewise, the Druids, the Celtic priesthood, worshipped it as a sacred tree.

The folklore and mythology around the tree have inspired poets, writers and musicians. So important was the Oak Tree to the ancient Celts that they took all the significant decisions of the village under the shade of the community oak tree.

Equally, we hope Uasal coffee will offer you the inspiration to create something new, make a business decision, or just chill out and relax.

The three blends of Uasal Roasted Coffee Beans

While choosing the best roasted coffee beans for Ireland, we had in mind what we heard from coffee drinkers in the country, but we don’t believe in “one taste fits all”. Instead, our brand of coffee had to feel more personal yet please a diverse range of Irish palates. We selected three options of coffee blends to serve the offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and all coffee lovers.

Coffee Beans Blend: UASAL GORM
Strength: 3.5 / 5
Mixture: 60% ARABICA / 40% ROBUSTA
Country of Origin: COLOMBIA / VIETNAM & BRAZIL

A nice balance with a soft and sweet taste.
A perfect blend of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta beans gives a nice balance, soft and sweet taste, and a medium body with a creamy finish.

Coffee Beans Blend: UASAL ÓIR
Strength: 3 / 5
Mixture: 100% ARABICA
Country of Origin: COLOMBIA

A pure premium gourmet arabica.
It is mild, with a fruity taste and harmonious subtle acidity, notes of sweet caramel and dark chocolate finish with a very intense fragrance and high body.

Coffee Beans Blend: UASAL DEARG
Strength: 4 / 5
Mixture: 70% ROBUSTA / 30% ARABICA
Country of Origin: INDIA & BRAZIL

A smooth aroma with a strong taste.
A fine blend of beans from India and Brazil, medium roasted and presenting a coffee that has a sweet flavour with subtle hints of tropical fruits, spices, and chocolate.

Find Your Office Coffee Solution 

We are confident we will see a cup of our coffee in many establishments such as offices, cafes, restaurants and hotels that offer the Uasal brand of coffee.

It is simple to order UASAL coffee here, but we offer a wide range of coffee machines and other office coffee solutions for businesses, get in touch  for a free consultation.